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News / Rev18 Announces ‘Diss List’ with Contest to #DitchMitch As Senate Majority Leader

Rev18 Announces ‘Diss List’ with Contest to #DitchMitch As Senate Majority Leader

Washington DC, October 5 — Rev18 PAC today announced that it is creating a “Diss List” of incumbent Republicans standing in the way of an America First agenda. Diss is short for dis-endorsement list.

First on the list: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

As part of kicking off the Diss List, Rev18 announced a $5,000 contest to create memes and videos “dissing” McConnell under the hashtag #DitchMitch. The goal is to rally popular support for removing McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. McConnell is not up for reelection until 2020.

“Most super PACs focus on who to endorse,” said Political Director Jack Posobiec. “We’re the first PAC in history to dis-endorse. In order to build a new Republican Party, we have to clear away the weeds.”

“The #DitchMitch campaign is a shot across the bow,” explained Rev18 Chairman Jeff Giesea. “Establishment politicians need to get the message: listen to your constituents or be attacked and replaced.”

“We will call for the defeat of any candidates who back McConnell as leader,” warned Posobiec, adding further teeth to Rev18’s efforts to unseat McConnell.

In recent weeks, McConnell announced he is giving up on repealing Obamacare and directed millions of Republican dollars to support failed candidate Luther Strange in Alabama, a former federal lobbyist.

“McConnell and his cronies represent old school politics where everything was pay-for-play and the two parties lumped together into one amorphous blob,” said Posobiec. “We need to do something about this, and we’re going straight to the people.”

Contest Details

#DitchMitch is a $5,000 contest for the best memes and videos explaining why McConnell needs to step down as Senate Majority Leader. To qualify for entry, participants must share submissions on social media with the hashtag #DitchMitch between now and 5pm ET Friday October 13th (yes Friday the 13th).

“Ladies and gentlemen, start your meming!” said Posobiec.

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